Board of Directors

Lannan Courtyeard

Lawrence P. Lannan, Jr., President
Brenda Coughlin
Marian P. Day
Karen Hetherington
Andrea Lannan Tuch

Frank C. Lawler

Mary M. Plauché
Penn Szittya
David Ungerleider, SJ
John R. LannanDirector Emeritus

In memoriam:  The board and staff of the Foundation wish to express their appreciation for the leadership of the late Patrick Lannan, President from 1986 to 2021, and the invaluable contributions made by the late board members, James G. Butler, Colleen Lannan Dillon, Sharon A. Ferrill, William E. Johnston, Anne Lannan, John J. Lannan, Patricia Lannan Lawler, and Tscheng S. Feng, M.D.