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Laurel Reuter is the Founding Director and Chief Curator of the North Dakota Museum of Art. Reuter has curated countless exhibitions ranging from “Light and Shadow: Japanese Artists in Space” (1992), to “The Disappeared” (2005), and “Shared Histories” (2010). Publications include Whole Cloth, Marking the Land: Jim Dow in North Dakota, Into the Tussock: Contemporary Icelandic Art, and a collaboration with printmaker Nancy Friese on a print portfolio, Tumbling Time, with poems and essays by Reuter. She was born and raised on the Spirit Lake Dakota Reservation in North Dakota where she currently is developing a Native Arts collaboration between the North Dakota Museum of Art and the Cankdeska Cikana Community College. She is directing a collaboration between six artists from the States and abroad who are making art about contemporary life on Spirit Lake, underwritten by a grant from the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation.

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