Daniel Brush: Blue Steel Pure Gold

Daniel Brush: Blue Steel Pure Gold
November 2003

The exhibition at the Lannan Foundation presented a selection of sculptures made in the previous six years.

View Daniel Brush’s bio on Lannan.org.

Location 27 (Daniel Brush)Over the course of thirty years, working in virtual seclusion from the mainstream, Daniel Brush has created a body of work unique in contemporary art. His career includes international painting exhibitions, a fifteen-year period of seclusion and study, and an intense immersion into the mysteries of gold.

Writing (Daniel Brush)His large-scale canvases and drawings inspired by the expressive, disciplined gestures of the Noh theatre integrate the artist’s profound understanding of Oriental thought with the removed drama in modernist painting. Brush’s more recent objects products of more than a decade of solitary thought, study, and experimentation are known only to a select group of collectors and connoisseurs.

Writing (Daniel Brush)Daniel Brush has developed a rigorous personal aesthetic marked by its intellectual force, mastery of techniques and the science of materials. His idiosyncratic, contemplative work marks a journey of evolving mastery, and bodies forth a deeply expressive voice in American art.