Eamon Grennan with Dennis O'Driscoll

photo of Eamon Grennan with Dennis O'Driscoll
Eamon Grennan

Eamon Grennan has said, “As far as I’m concerned, poetry is about elegy. Every poem is a memory of some kind, a celebratory elegy. Poems are like shells. Something is gone and that’s why you write.”...

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photo of Eamon Grennan with Dennis O'Driscoll
Dennis O'Driscoll

Dennis O’Driscoll was born in Co Tipperary, Ireland, in 1954, his nine books of poetry include New and Selected Poems (Anvil Press, 2004), a Poetry Book Society Special Commendation, Reality Check...

Dennis O'Driscoll full bio

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Audio from this Event

Eamon Grennan read from his work, then joined in conversation with Dennis O'Driscoll | Duration: 1:32:24

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