Noam Chomsky with David Barsamian

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Noam Chomsky spoke about his work, then was joined in conversation by David Barsamian. | Duration: 1:30:35

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Noam Chomsky, introduced by David Barsamian, talked about his work.

Noam Chomsky was joined in conversation with David Barsamian.

photo of Noam Chomsky with David Barsamian
Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky is internationally recognized for his writing, lecturing, and teaching on linguistics, philosophy, contemporary issues, intellectual history, international affairs, and U.S. foreign...

Noam Chomsky full bio

photo of Noam Chomsky with David Barsamian
David Barsamian

David Barsamian, author, lecturer, and investigative journalist, is the founder of Alternative Radio, an independent and award winning weekly radio series based in Boulder, Colorado, now in its 30th...

David Barsamian full bio

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