Stephen Dedalus, Leopold Bloom, and the Ghost of Shakespeare in Chapter 9 of Ulysses

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Join Lannan Foundation and James Joyce enthusiasts worldwide as we celebrate Bloomsday, honoring Joyce's masterpiece Ulysses, the events of which take place over the course of one day, 16 June 1904.  This year, Joyce scholar Professor James Heffernan presents a lecture on "Stephen Dedalus, Leopold Bloom, and the Ghost of Shakespeare." 

Professor Heffernan hosted an online Q&A on Tuesday 16 June. It was not recorded.

In Chapter 9 of Ulysses, which is set in Dublin’s National Library, Stephen Dedalus delivers to various literary friends a lecture on Shakespeare. In this intensely personal lecture, Stephen argues that the key to Shakespeare’s whole life is the ghost scene in Hamlet. Watch (or listen below to the audio version) as Professor Heffernan takes us deep into this chapter.

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Audio from this Event

Listen to Professor James Heffernan's lecture on Chapter 9 of Ulysses by James Joyce | Duration: 1:04:05 Online Q&A with James Heffernan, Grant Franks, Adam Harvey, Andrew Heffernan | Duration: 1:04:15

Video from this Event

James Heffernan Online Q&A with Grant Franks, Adam Harvey, and Andrew Heffernan

photo of Stephen Dedalus, Leopold Bloom, and the Ghost of Shakespeare in Chapter 9 of Ulysses
James Heffernan

James Heffernan, Professor Emeritus of English at Dartmouth College, has lectured extensively on James Joyce, particularly Ulysses, which he has covered in 24 lectures for the Teaching...

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