Teju Cole with Sasha Weiss

About this Event

Artist talk: Teju Cole was in conversation with Sasha Weiss, culture editor of the New York Times Magazine. Free and open to the public.

Teju Cole’s Blind Spot is a combination of lyrical essay, travel journal, and philosophical reverie presented in stunning, formal color photographs paired with the artist’s texts, joining voice and vision within one frame. Learn more about the exhibition.

This event was sold out. This was an Art Program event. No audio or video is available for this event. Photos from this event are available on Flickr.

photo of Teju Cole with Sasha Weiss
Teju Cole

Teju Cole—writer, art historian, photographer, and photography critic for the New York Times Magazine—is the author of the novella Every Day Is for the Thief, named a book of the year by...

Teju Cole full bio

photo of Teju Cole with Sasha Weiss
Sasha Weiss

Sasha Weiss is culture editor of the New York Times Magazine, where she covers film, television, books, fine art, theater, and music. Weiss has written about feminist artist Judy Chicago, innovative...

Sasha Weiss full bio

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