Special Projects

Special BuildingLannan Foundation recognizes the need to occasionally step out of the regular grant program guidelines and invest in unique and critical projects. These special projects are developed through an invitation process, and are awarded funds outside of the regular Indigenous Communities Program grant budget.

The foundation has worked with several Native groups to complete significant model projects. With technical and financial help provided by Lannan Foundation, Native people have acquired more than 7,000 acres of land for the preservation of traditional ceremonial grounds, as well as for cultural and ecological conservation projects. The foundation has also supported the construction of a Science Center and Multipurpose Center at a tribal college, the development of a scientific mathematical model for trust fund recovery evidence in a legal case, and the promotion of indigenous stewardship models for natural resource management.

Blackfeet Reservation Development Fund

eloise cobellSince 1998 Lannan Foundation has supported the plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit against the U.S. Department of the Interior, which has been found guilty of breaching trust obligations to at least 300,000 American Indian individuals. The trust was established when the U.S. Congress broke up and parceled out land owned by a number of American Indian tribes.

Sinte Gleska University, Mission, SD

sinte gleska university graduationThis grant provides funds for the design and construction of a gymnasium that will function as a sports facility as well as a site for university ceremonies on the campus of Sinte Gleska University. A leader in tribally controlled higher education, Sinte Gleska University serves the population of the Rosebud (Sicangu Lakota) community in the southern part of South Dakota.

InterTribal Sinkyone Wilderness Council, NE Mendocino County, CA

Elk at Sinkyone WildernessWith significant support from Lannan, the nation’s first intertribal wilderness has been created on a 3,845-acre parcel of redwood forestland located along the Lost Coast north of Fort Bragg. The InterTribal Sinkyone Wilderness land is only a small portion of the original indigenous Sinkyone Indian territory.