Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance

baskets from the Maine Indian Basketmakers AllianceIn 2013 Lannan Foundation made a grant for general operating support of the Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance (MIBA), a nonprofit Native American arts service organization focused on preserving and extending the art of basketmaking within Maine’s Native American community

MIBA seeks to preserve the ancient tradition of ash and sweetgrass basketmaking among the Maliseet, Micmac, Passamaquoddy and Penobscot tribes. MIBA’s goals are to:

  • Preserve and document the tradition of basketmaking among the four tribes
  • Expand markets for baskets in Maine and beyond
  • Ensure a supply of high quality brown ash and sweetgrass for present and future generations
  • Provide outreach, education and apprenticeships to younger members of the tribes to ensure continuation of the traditions.

Visit the Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance on the web.

maine indian basketmakers alliance apprentice

Baskets by Fred Tomah, maine indian basketmakers alliance

Baskets by George Neptune, maine indian basketmakers alliance

Basket by Jeremy Frey maine indian basketmakers alliance

maine indian basketmakers alliance