Lannan Cultural Freedom Program

Lannan recipients of Cultural Freedom Awards

In 1999 Lannan Foundation established the Lannan Prize for Cultural Freedom. You may read about the recipients of this prize, as well as learn about Cultural Freedom-related events sponsored by Lannan. The Foundation awarded the first Cultural Freedom Fellowship in 2003 to encourage and support leaders in American and foreign communities to contemplate, reflect, write, and study.

Selected audio recordings are available here, including the essay, later published under the same title,  “Come September,” written by Arundhati Roy and presented for the first time by her in Santa Fe in September 2002 as part of our Readings & Conversations series. (Ms. Roy is featured above, 4th from left, along with the other Prize for Cultural Freedom recipients.)

Cultural Freedom Prize

The Prize for Cultural Freedom was established to recognize people whose extraordinary and courageous work celebrates the human right to freedom of imagination, inquiry, and expression. As defined by the foundation, cultural freedom is the right of individuals and communities to define and protect valued and diverse ways of life currently threatened by globalization. The foundation established the Prize for Cultural Freedom in 1999.

Cultural Freedom Fellowship

The purpose of the Lannan Fellowship for Cultural Freedom is to encourage and support individuals who are leaders in American and foreign communities to contemplate, reflect, write and study. As a direct result, the grantees will increase their own level of knowledge in this area and be able to more effectively communicate with and educate the general public in this area. The money provided with the fellowship may be used for travel, study, research, or other similar purposes.

Applications and nominations for cultural freedom awards or fellowships will not be accepted.