Michael Dickman

photo of Michael Dickman
Michael Dickman
Marfa, Poet
Summer 2010

“Standing on the porch staring out at the sky and sometimes the pouring rain in the sky like a monsoon everything meant so much to me there.  I was allowed to be an artist.  I was allowed to be a writer.  I wasn’t a line-cook who writes.  I was just me ... I kept thinking, here I am.  Don’t forget this, don’t forget this.  All of this is going to go away, you know, and so to be lucky enough to have spent time under the friendly and encouraging auspices of the Lannan Foundation in a place like Marfa was like being alive twice.  That’s what a student of Basho’s said about lyric poetry, it’s like being alive twice.  And that’s how it was for me.”

Michael Dickman

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