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Cassandra C. Jones

Artist Cassandra C. Jones has made a habit out of making art. She explains, “I collect thousands of snapshot photographs from the public domain and every image exchange known to google. I then group them together by remarkably like subject matter and collage them in ways [via video, print or installation] that tell stories about the power of photographic imagery in our snap happy, contemporary life styles.” Grabbing hold of one or more iconic images, such as birds, football players, flowers, cheerleaders, and even lightning, Jones then repeats and layers them in a spiraling, often kaleidoscopic fashion. She explains, “Alone, these photos have diverse meanings but when linked together they reveal much larger stories of history, ritual, desire and innate human aesthetics, regardless of author.” The artist has turned some of her more celebrated collages into wallpaper, creating the perfect décor item for art collectors.

Jones splits her time between California and New York and is a graduate of the Carnegie Mellon University with an MFA in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts. She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions including Photos Taken #drawings at Eli Ridway Gallery, San Francisco, CA and Remains of the Day at Lyons Wier Gallery. Represented in the Lannan Collection is a piece from the artist’s Track and Field: Drawing from the Arena series, presented by Nathan Larramendy at Art Santa Fe in 2005.