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Lannan presents Readings & Conversations, featuring inspired literary writers of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, as well as cultural freedom advocates with a social, political, and environmental justice focus.


John Edgar Wideman with Mitchell S. JacksonReadings & Conversations04/10/2024
Jericho Brown & Paisley Rekdal with Arthur Sze & Michael WiegersReadings & Conversations10/19/2023
Arthur Sze with Forrest GanderReadings & Conversations05/11/2022
Deborah Eisenberg with David L. UlinReadings & Conversations04/13/2022
Taking Children, Taking the Land: Nick Estes with Rebecca NagleReadings & Conversations11/10/2021
Noam Chomsky with E. Tammy KimIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom10/13/2021
Abolition, Cultural Freedom, LiberationIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom10/05/2021
Surviving Autocracy: Masha Gessen with Anand GiridharadasReadings & Conversations10/20/2020
Yanis Varoufakis with Daniel DenvirReadings & Conversations08/13/2020
Stephen Dedalus, Leopold Bloom, and the Ghost of Shakespeare in Chapter 9 of UlyssesReadings & Conversations06/16/2020
Noura Erakat with Janine JacksonReadings & Conversations12/04/2019
Eve L. Ewing with Wayne AuReadings & Conversations11/13/2019
Deborah Levy with John FreemanReadings & Conversations10/30/2019
Poetry Sunday with Natalie Scenters-ZapicoPoetry Sunday10/13/2019
Boots Riley with Robin D. G. KelleyReadings & Conversations09/11/2019
Sebastian Barry with Daniel MendelsohnReadings & Conversations05/01/2019
Ruth Wilson Gilmore with Rachel KushnerReadings & Conversations04/17/2019
Edwidge Danticat with Aja MonetReadings & Conversations03/27/2019
Dahr Jamail with William Rivers PittReadings & Conversations03/13/2019
Richard Powers with Tayari JonesReadings & Conversations02/27/2019
Tracy K. Smith with Joy HarjoReadings & Conversations02/06/2019
Ilan Pappé with Dima KhalidiReadings & Conversations01/23/2019
David Harvey with Laura FlandersReadings & Conversations10/24/2018
Rev. William Barber II with Khury Petersen-SmithReadings & Conversations10/11/2018
Nikhil Pal Singh with Jeremy ScahillReadings & Conversations09/26/2018
Clive Hamilton with Lisa SiderisIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom05/02/2018
Rachel Kushner with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations04/18/2018
Diane Ravitch with Jesse HagopianIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom04/11/2018
Roxane Gay with Tressie McMillan CottomReadings & Conversations03/14/2018
Nancy MacLean with Greg GrandinIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom03/07/2018
Aleksandar Hemon with John FreemanReadings & Conversations02/28/2018
Colum McCann with Gabriel ByrneReadings & Conversations01/31/2018
Nomi Prins with Juliet SchorIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom01/24/2018
Valeria Luiselli with Sonia NazarioReadings & Conversations11/29/2017
Óscar Martínez with Alfredo CorchadoIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom11/01/2017
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz with Nick EstesIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom10/11/2017
Glenn Greenwald with Tom EngelhardtIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom09/27/2017
Wallace Shawn with Sarah KnoppIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom08/13/2017
Marlon James with Russell BanksReadings & Conversations05/10/2017
Arundhati Roy with Anthony ArnoveIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom05/03/2017
Viet Thanh Nguyen with Maxine Hong KingstonReadings & Conversations03/29/2017
Terry Tempest Williams with Colum McCannIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom03/08/2017
Eileen Myles with Dan ChiassonReadings & Conversations02/15/2017
China Miéville with Jordy RosenbergReadings & Conversations01/18/2017
Andrew Bacevich with Marilyn B. YoungIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom12/07/2016
Angela Y. Davis with Barbara RansbyIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom11/02/2016
Anne Carson with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations10/26/2016
Gideon Levy with David BarsamianIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom10/05/2016
Ru Freeman with John FreemanReadings & Conversations09/21/2016
Louise Glück with Peter StreckfusReadings & Conversations05/11/2016
Karl Ove Knausgaard with Zadie SmithReadings & Conversations04/27/2016
Juan Cole with Phyllis BennisIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom04/06/2016
Nadeem Aslam with Phil KlayReadings & Conversations03/30/2016
Gabrielle Walker with Chris WilliamsIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom03/23/2016
Winona LaDuke with Mililani TraskIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom02/24/2016
Teju Cole with Amitava KumarReadings & Conversations02/03/2016
Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor with Donna MurchIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom01/20/2016
Anthony Ray Hinton with Ben HarmonIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom01/10/2016
Richard Falk with Ali AbunimahIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom12/02/2015
Aminatta Forna with Laila LalamiReadings & Conversations11/11/2015
Henry A. Giroux with Maya SchenwarIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom10/14/2015
Elizabeth Alexander with Maureen CorriganReadings & Conversations09/30/2015
James Drake in Anatomy of Drawing and Space: Brain TrashArtist Walkthrough07/09/2015
Claudia Rankine with Saskia HamiltonReadings & Conversations05/06/2015
Naomi Klein with Katharine VinerIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom04/29/2015
Wallace Shawn with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations04/15/2015
Ta-Nehisi Coates with Michele NorrisIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom04/08/2015
Noam Chomsky with David BarsamianIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom03/18/2015
Kevin Barry with Ethan NosowskyReadings & Conversations03/04/2015
Nguyen Phan Que Mai with Bruce WeiglPoetry Sunday03/01/2015
Thomas Joshua Cooper: Carry MeArtist Walkthrough02/25/2015
The Fire This Time: A Tribute to James Baldwin with Nikky Finney, Randall Kenan, Kevin Young, et al.Readings & Conversations02/11/2015
Ann Jones with Andrew BacevichIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom11/12/2014
Alice McDermott with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations10/22/2014
Max Blumenthal with Amy GoodmanIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom10/10/2014
Adrian Matejka with Dana LevinPoetry Sunday10/05/2014
Alfredo Corchado with Melissa del BosqueIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom09/17/2014
Leopold Bloom and his Adulterous Molly: Can this Marriage be Saved?Readings & Conversations06/15/2014
Colm Tóibín with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations05/21/2014
Michael Lawler Performs The FeverPerformances05/11/2014
Sandra Steingraber with Laura FlandersIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom05/07/2014
Benjamin Alire Sáenz with Cecilia BallíReadings & Conversations04/16/2014
Dave Zirin with David BarsamianIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom04/02/2014
Trevor Paglen with Rebecca SolnitIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom03/19/2014
Greg Grandin with Avi LewisIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom02/26/2014
George Saunders with Joel LovellReadings & Conversations02/12/2014
Bryan Stevenson with Liliana SeguraIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom01/15/2014
Nothing Personal: The Dark Room Collective Reunion TourReadings & Conversations12/12/2013
Luis Alberto Urrea with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations11/20/2013
Jeremy Scahill with Tom EngelhardtIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom10/30/2013
Frank X WalkerPoetry Sunday10/20/2013
Jamaica Kincaid with Robert FaggenReadings & Conversations10/16/2013
Tim DeChristopher with Terry Tempest WilliamsIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom09/25/2013
Leopold Bloom: Sensual Cuckold, Crucified Jew, Heroic PacifistReadings & Conversations06/16/2013
Sarah LindsayPoetry Sunday05/19/2013
Eduardo Galeano with Marie AranaIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom05/15/2013
David Mitchell with Tom BarbashReadings & Conversations04/24/2013
Russell Banks with Stona FitchReadings & Conversations03/27/2013
Barbara Ehrenreich with David BarsamianIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom03/13/2013
David Mills performs Dreamweaver: The Works of Langston HughesPerformances02/27/2013
James Hansen with Subhankar BanerjeeIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom02/20/2013
Omar Barghouti with Amy GoodmanIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom02/01/2013
Hamid Dabashi with David BarsamianIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom12/05/2012
Kevin Young with Colson WhiteheadReadings & Conversations11/14/2012
Chris Hedges with Reverend Jeremiah WrightReadings & Conversations11/12/2012
David Suzuki with Clayton Thomas-MüllerIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom11/07/2012
Nathalie Handal with Naomi Shihab NyeReadings & Conversations10/24/2012
Amy Goodman and Denis MoynihanIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom10/10/2012
Natalie DiazPoetry Sunday09/30/2012
Michelle Alexander with Liliana SeguraIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom09/12/2012
Lydia Davis with Ben MarcusReadings & Conversations05/16/2012
W.S. Merwin with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations04/18/2012
Phyllis Bennis with David BarsamianIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom04/10/2012
Ann Beattie with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations03/28/2012
Chris Williams with David BarsamianIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom03/20/2012
Brian Jones in Howard Zinn's play, Marx in SohoIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom02/22/2012
Michael Ondaatje with Carolyn ForchéReadings & Conversations02/15/2012
David Shirk with Peter SmithIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom01/24/2012
John Sayles with Francisco GoldmanReadings & Conversations01/18/2012
Norman Finkelstein with Chris HedgesIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom12/06/2011
Dinaw Mengestu with Penn SzittyaReadings & Conversations11/16/2011
Tariq Ali with Avi LewisIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom10/26/2011
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie with Binyavanga WainainaReadings & Conversations09/28/2011
Richard Wolff with Anthony ArnoveIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom09/13/2011
Guy Tillim with Adam HochschildReadings & Conversations07/31/2011
Michael Ratner with Mary-Charlotte DomandiIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom05/24/2011
Joe Sacco with Chris HedgesReadings & Conversations05/18/2011
Chris Hedges on the Work of Sheldon WolinReadings & Conversations05/17/2011
Kay Ryan with Atsuro RileyReadings & Conversations04/13/2011
Maria Hinojosa with Mary-Charlotte DomandiIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom04/06/2011
Everything and More: A Tribute to David Foster WallaceReadings & Conversations03/16/2011
Glenn Greenwald with David BarsamianReadings & Conversations03/08/2011
John D'Agata with Ben MarcusReadings & Conversations02/16/2011
Tom Engelhardt with Jeremy ScahillReadings & Conversations02/02/2011
Lorrie Moore with Kate MosesReadings & Conversations01/19/2011
Charles Bowden with Avi LewisReadings & Conversations12/15/2010
John McPhee with Peter HesslerReadings & Conversations11/10/2010
A. L. Kennedy with Gill DennisReadings & Conversations10/20/2010
Peter Reading, Vendange Tardive10/01/2010
Kwame Dawes with Chris AbaniReadings & Conversations09/29/2010
Jimmy Santiago Baca with Carolyn ForchéReadings & Conversations09/15/2010
Yiyun Li with Brigid HughesReadings & Conversations05/12/2010
Don DeLillo with Mark DannerReadings & Conversations04/28/2010
Andrew Bacevich with David BarsamianReadings & Conversations04/21/2010
Arundhati Roy with Avi LewisReadings & Conversations03/24/2010
August Kleinzahler with Kate MosesReadings & Conversations03/03/2010
Maude Barlow with Laura Flanders02/17/2010
Breyten Breytenbach with Lawrence WeschlerReadings & Conversations11/18/2009
Rebecca Solnit with Tom EngelhardtReadings & Conversations10/21/2009
Eduardo Galeano with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations06/10/2009
Andrew Bacevich with David Barsamian06/03/2009
Marge Piercy with Martin EspadaReadings & Conversations05/20/2009
Nicholson Baker with Michael Silverblatt04/01/2009
Amiri Baraka with Marvin XReadings & Conversations03/09/2009
Walt Whitman Tribute EveningReadings & Conversations02/11/2009
Junot Díaz with Samuel R. DelanyReadings & Conversations01/21/2009
Jonathan Schell with Hamilton FishReadings & Conversations11/19/2008
Lester Brown with Doug FineReadings & Conversations10/29/2008
Tony Hoagland with Kate DanielsReadings & Conversations10/15/2008
Isabel Allende with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations09/24/2008
Annie Proulx with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations06/04/2008
Brian Turner and Bruce Weigl with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations03/05/2008
Linh Dinh with Charles AlexanderReadings & Conversations02/27/2008
Eamon Grennan with Dennis O'DriscollReadings & Conversations02/13/2008
Mike Davis with Susan StraightReadings & Conversations01/16/2008
Naomi Klein with Laura FlandersReadings & Conversations12/12/2007
Richard Powers with Brad LeithauserReadings & Conversations11/14/2007
Tim Flannery with Amy GoodmanReadings & Conversations10/24/2007
Martin Espada with John NicholsReadings & Conversations10/03/2007
Jonathan Kozol with Sarah KnoppReadings & Conversations09/26/2007
Terry Tempest Williams with Christopher MerrillReadings & Conversations05/30/2007
Gore Vidal with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations05/09/2007
Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations04/25/2007
Denis Johnson with Gary KamiyaReadings & Conversations04/11/2007
Carl Safina with Julie PackardReadings & Conversations03/28/2007
Charles Simic with David LehmanReadings & Conversations03/14/2007
B. H. Fairchild with R. S. GwynnReadings & Conversations02/28/2007
Lawrence Weschler with Oliver SacksReadings & Conversations01/31/2007
Deborah Eisenberg with Ben MarcusReadings & Conversations01/17/2007
Cave Canem EveningReadings & Conversations11/15/2006
Caryl Phillips with Glyn MaxwellReadings & Conversations11/01/2006
Mary Oliver with Joseph ParisiReadings & Conversations10/25/2006
Robert Coover with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations10/11/2006
Seymour Hersh with Amy GoodmanReadings & Conversations09/27/2006
Andrew J. Bacevich with Lewis LaphamReadings & Conversations06/28/2006
Eduardo Galeano with John LeonardReadings & Conversations05/31/2006
Stuart Dybek with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations05/17/2006
T. Coraghessan Boyle with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations05/10/2006
Howard Zinn and Anthony ArnoveIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom04/26/2006
Dramatic readings from Voices of a People’s History of the United StatesDramatic Readings04/26/2006
C. D. Wright with Stephen BurtReadings & Conversations04/19/2006
Mario Vargas Llosa with Efraín KristalReadings & Conversations04/05/2006
A. S. Byatt with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations03/15/2006
Chris Hedges with Amy GoodmanIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom03/01/2006
Jim Harrison and Ted KooserReadings & Conversations01/18/2006
Edwidge Danticat with Junot DíazReadings & Conversations11/30/2005
W. S. Merwin with Robert HassReadings & Conversations10/26/2005
In Support of the Santa Fe Indian SchoolReadings & Conversations10/12/2005
Salman Rushdie with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations10/05/2005
Robert Fisk with Amy GoodmanReadings & Conversations09/21/2005
Dr. Cornel West Receives Prize for Cultural FreedomIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom09/17/2005
Pattiann Rogers with Christopher MerrillReadings & Conversations05/04/2005
George Saunders with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations04/20/2005
Campbell McGrath with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations03/30/2005
Rikki Ducornet with Joanna ScottReadings & Conversations03/09/2005
Louise Glück with James LongenbachReadings & Conversations02/16/2005
Louise Erdrich with Gail CaldwellReadings & Conversations02/02/2005
Noam Chomsky with Tariq AliIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom01/26/2005
Peter Reading, -273.15Dramatic Readings01/01/2005
Margaret Atwood with Valerie MartinReadings & Conversations12/01/2004
Gilbert Sorrentino with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations11/10/2004
Luis Alberto Urrea with Darrell BourqueReadings & Conversations10/13/2004
Chalmers Johnson with Amy GoodmanReadings & Conversations09/29/2004
William Gass with Micheline Aharonian MarcomReadings & Conversations09/22/2004
Joyce Carol Oates with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations05/12/2004
Timothy Ferris with Ed KruppReadings & Conversations04/28/2004
John McGahern with Hermione LeeReadings & Conversations04/07/2004
Subhankar Banerjee with Peter MatthiessenIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom03/31/2004
Carrie Fountain with Naomi Shihab NyePoetry Sunday03/16/2004
Susan Sontag with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations03/03/2004
Alistair MacLeod with Shelagh RogersReadings & Conversations02/11/2004
Eavan Boland with Nicholas JenkinsReadings & Conversations01/21/2004
Nadine Gordimer with Steve WassermanReadings & Conversations12/03/2003
Tariq Ali with Micheline Aharonian MarcomReadings & Conversations11/19/2003
Lewis Lapham with Amy GoodmanReadings & Conversations10/27/2003
Lawrence Ferlinghetti with Quincy TroupeReadings & Conversations10/15/2003
Seamus HeaneyReadings & Conversations10/01/2003
Seamus Heaney with Dennis O'DriscollReadings & Conversations10/01/2003
Dr. Cornel West with Amy GoodmanIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom06/25/2003
Dennis O'Driscoll with Adam KirschReadings & Conversations05/28/2003
Carolyn Forché with James LongenbachReadings & Conversations05/11/2003
Ahdaf Soueif with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations04/09/2003
Philip Levine with Kate DanielsReadings & Conversations03/19/2003
David NorrisReadings & Conversations02/19/2003
Helen VendlerReadings & Conversations01/22/2003
Peter Reading, ∂Dramatic Readings01/01/2003
Hans Magnus Enzensberger with Charles SimicReadings & Conversations12/11/2002
Hans Magnus Enzensberger with Charles SimicReadings & Conversations12/11/2002
Derek Walcott with Glyn MaxwellReadings & Conversations11/20/2002
John Balaban with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations11/06/2002
Elena Poniatowska with Bell ChevignyReadings & Conversations10/09/2002
John Berger with Michael OndaatjeReadings & Conversations10/01/2002
John Berger with Michael GovanReadings & Conversations10/01/2002
John Berger with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations10/01/2002
John BergerDramatic Readings10/01/2002
Arundhati Roy with Howard ZinnIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom09/18/2002
Amy Goodman with John PilgerIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom06/26/2002
Scott Russell Sanders with John ElderReadings & Conversations05/22/2002
Adam Zagajewski with Edward HirschReadings & Conversations05/01/2002
Mahmoud Darwish at Swarthmore CollegeIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom04/28/2002
Sharon Olds with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations04/10/2002
Amy Tan with Molly GilesReadings & Conversations03/05/2002
Jim Harrison with Peter LewisReadings & Conversations02/27/2002
Peter Reading, FaunalDramatic Readings01/01/2002
Peter Reading, CivilDramatic Readings01/01/2002
Michael Cunningham with Stacey D'ErasmoReadings & Conversations11/14/2001
J. M. Coetzee with Peter SacksReadings & Conversations11/08/2001
Denise Chavez with Sandra CisnerosReadings & Conversations10/11/2001
Billy Collins with Henry TaylorReadings & Conversations09/26/2001
Robert Pinsky and Stanley Kunitz with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations08/04/2001
Mary Oliver with Coleman BarksReadings & Conversations08/01/2001
Jerry Mander and Vandana Shiva with Amy GoodmanIn Pursuit of Cultural Freedom06/29/2001
Edward Said with Christopher HitchensReadings & Conversations05/02/2001
John Barth with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations04/21/2001
Anne Carson with Brighde MullinsReadings & Conversations03/21/2001
Thomas Lynch and Dennis O'DriscollReadings & Conversations02/28/2001
Lois-Ann Yamanaka with Jessica HagedornReadings & Conversations02/07/2001
Peter Reading, UntitledDramatic Readings01/01/2001
Richard Powers and David Foster Wallace with John O'BrienReadings & Conversations12/06/2000
Eduardo Galeano and Sebastião Salgado with Amy GoodmanReadings & Conversations11/03/2000
W. S. Merwin with Naomi Shihab NyeReadings & Conversations10/18/2000
Ana Castillo with Ruth LopezReadings & Conversations10/12/2000
Chet Raymo with Scott Russell SandersReadings & Conversations04/26/2000
Li-Young Lee with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations03/29/2000
Gish Jen with Don LeeReadings & Conversations03/01/2000
Mark Strand with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations02/09/2000
Peter Reading, MarfanDramatic Readings01/01/2000
Wallace ShawnReadings & Conversations12/15/1999
Gary Snyder and Wendell Berry with Jack ShoemakerReadings & Conversations11/10/1999
Adrienne Rich with Carol Muske DukesReadings & Conversations09/29/1999
Jorie Graham with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations05/20/1999
Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge with Arthur SzeReadings & Conversations04/01/1999
Peter Reading, ObDramatic Readings01/01/1999
William Gass with Michael SilverblattReadings & Conversations11/05/1998
A. J. Verdelle with Nikky FinneyReadings & Conversations11/03/1998
Robert Hass with Jorie GrahamReadings & Conversations10/22/1998
Czeslaw Milosz with Helen VendlerReadings & Conversations03/26/1998
Arthur Sze with Frank StewartReadings & Conversations04/01/1997
Mark Doty with Eloise Klein HealyReadings & Conversations02/11/1997
Peter Reading, Work in RegressDramatic Readings01/01/1997
Sandra Cisneros with Dorothy AllisonReadings & Conversations10/08/1996
Grace Paley with Carol Muske DukesReadings & Conversations05/07/1996
Lucille CliftonDramatic Readings02/21/1996
Peter Reading, Last PoemsDramatic Readings01/01/1994
Peter Reading, EvagatoryDramatic Readings01/01/1992
Robert Creeley04/16/1990
Peter Reading, ShitheadsDramatic Readings01/01/1990
Peter Reading, Perduta GenteDramatic Readings01/01/1989
Octavio PazDramatic Readings10/18/1988
Peter Reading, Final DemandsDramatic Readings01/01/1988
Peter Reading, StetDramatic Readings01/01/1986
Peter Reading, EschatologicalDramatic Readings01/01/1985
Peter Reading, Going OnDramatic Readings01/01/1985
Peter Reading, Ukulele MusicDramatic Readings01/01/1985
Peter Reading, CDramatic Readings01/01/1984
Peter Reading, Diplopic01/01/1983
Peter Reading, 5x5x5x5x5xDramatic Readings01/01/1983
Peter Reading, Tom O’Bedlam’s BeautiesDramatic Readings01/01/1981
Peter Reading, Fiction01/01/1979
Peter Reading, Nothing for AnyoneDramatic Readings01/01/1977
Peter Reading, The Prison CellDramatic Readings01/01/1976
Peter Reading, For the Municipality’s ElderlyDramatic Readings01/01/1974