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Eve Aschheim

Eve Aschheim is an abstract painter whose highly geometrical and dynamic structures seem to defy categorization. Her images exist in a state of implied metamorphosis: a static state of transformation that creates a fictive reality between visual constructions. Her work focuses on the chaotic logic of the geometry of everyday life, as well as how to fragment and recombine nameable images to create something unrecognizable.
Aschheim was born in New York City. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California at Berkeley, and her MFA at the University of California at Davis. Her work is exhibited internationally, most recently in New York City, Berlin, and Malmo, Sweden. Her pieces are part of collections at MoMA, The National Gallery in Washington, DC and the Yale University Art Museum. She is currently a senior lecturer for the visual arts program at Princeton University, and lives New York City.