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Iain Stewart

Iain Stewart is a Scottish photographer whose color landscape and seascape images adhere to a minimalist aesthetic. Ken Johnston of The New York Times wrote of Stewart’s work “... Minimalist Photography, like Minimalist Painting, can be paradoxically rich ... Iain Stewart’s distant shots of deep blue skies fading to orange or white wed the formal and the celestial.” His images capture subtle changes in light and weather, often the product of long exposures taken at the start or finish of a day. Stewart has said, “A photograph has a magical relationship with time and place - hovering in some curious indefinable space.”

Stewart, who began his career in 1990 as an editorial photographer, balances his work between commercial and fine art photography. His photographs have been published in The Independent Scotsman, iD (Ideas & Discoveries Magazine) and GQ. Stewart was born in 1967 in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, to Scottish parents. He studied photography at the Edinburgh College of Art, where he later served as lecturer in photography. He lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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