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Johnnie Winona Ross

Johnnie Winona Ross is a New Mexico-based painter whose work is inspired by both the majestic landscapes of Northern New Mexico and the techniques of ancient Pueblo pottery. His paintings are comprised of bands of colored pigments that are layered hundreds of times, shaved with a straight razor, and buffed with the same type of burnished stone utilized by traditional Pueblo potters. This process a flowing effect, reminiscent of falling rain.

In 1999, Ross resigned his post as chair of the art department at the Maine College of Art in Portland, and moved to Taos, New Mexico, to devote himself to painting full time. He now exhibits regularly in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, and throughout Northern New Mexico. He has been the recipient of many grants and awards, including a Fulbright Artist in Residence and a Gottlieb Foundation Support Grant.