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Kosso Eloul

Kosso Eloul was an internationally renowned sculptor best known for his construction of the eternal flame at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem. Eloul initially started his sculptural training in Tel Aviv in 1938, and continued at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1939, where he studied with architectural giant Frank Lloyd Wright and photographer Lazlo Moholy-Nagy. He fought in both World War II and the War of Independence in Palestine, and had a lifelong involvement with the International Sculpture Conference.
In 1969, the artist relocated permanently to Toronto, and hundreds of his enormous, precariously tilted steel sculptures still grace the public spaces of many Canadian cities. His work has been said to “transcend the contemplative minimalist sensibility” in the way that they seem to test the very laws of gravity suggesting perpetual movement. Eloul died in 1995 in Toronto.