Laura Flanders

photo of Laura Flanders

Laura Flanders is a best-selling author and broadcaster. Each week she interviews forward-thinking people about key questions of our time on The Laura Flanders Show, where, as she puts it, “the people who say it can’t be done take a back seat to the people who are doing it.” The Laura Flanders Show is produced at CUNY TV in New York and is nationally syndicated on radio and television, as well as online and as a podcast. A contributor to the Nation and a media fellow at the Democracy Collaborative, Flanders is also the author of six books, including the New York Times best seller Bushwomen: Tales of a Cynical Species (Verso, 2004). She has received an Izzy Award for excellence in independent media as well as the Pat Mitchell Lifetime Achievement Award from the Women’s Media Center for advancing women and girls’ visibility and power in media.

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