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Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood is an international literary star and one of Canada’s most celebrated authors. A truly extraordinary and prolific writer, Ms. Atwood has published more than 35 books, in which she has explored the issues of our times, capturing them in the satirical, self-reflexive mode of the contemporary novel.

Her most recent works include the best-selling novels, Alias Grace, Cat’s Eye, and The Robber Bride; the collections Wilderness Tips and Bluebird’s Egg; and The Blind Assassin, for which she won the Booker Prize.

Ms. Atwood’s latest book, Oryx and Crake, is a dark and witty look at a world left devastated in the wake of ecological and scientific disaster. In praise of Atwood the Houston Chroniclesays, “Atwood takes many trends which exist today and stretches them to their logical and chilling conclusions….”