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McCallum & Tarry

Bradley McCallum and Jacqueline Tarry are a collaborative artist team that have worked and exhibited globally under the name of McCallum & Tarry. They use their work as a catalyst for exposing and discussing issues around the marginalized and disenfranchised members of society. Their work moves between photography, painting, self-portraiture, performance sculpture, and large public projects. In every medium, their goal is to allow their audience to face issues of race and social justice in their personal and public lives, using their standing as an interracial couple as the vehicle for provocative thinking.

Their artwork in the Lannan Collection, Billy Sunday, Seated, is a portrait of baseball player turned Evangelical preacher William Ashley Sunday, one of the earliest popular public preachers and an early champion of integration.

The artists have had solo exhibitions in Paris, Luxembourg, and Tokyo, completed a public commission for Atlanta Celebrates Photography, and even been commissioned to complete the Malcolm X Memorial at the intersection of Central Park and Malcolm X Boulevard. The couple lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.