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Pamela D. Bridgewater

Pamela D. Bridgewater (1969 - 2014) was a lawyer, reproductive rights advocate, activist, and the author of Breeding A Nation: Reproductive Slavery and the Pursuit of Freedom (South End Press). She was involved in the women’s health movement for many years providing legal defense for reproductive health care clinics, service providers and activists, and also provided pro bono legal service and consultation on matters such as estate planning for poor people and people living with HIV/AIDS, as well as legal services for peace activists and activists within the fair trade and globalization movements. Her work in the area of reproduction, sexuality, identity, poverty and women’s health care led her to work with leading legal scholars, policymakers, activists and advocates from North America, Europe, Latin America and South Africa. As Professor of Law at American University, she taught property law, inheritance law, and reproduction and the law.

  • 2008