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Per Kesselmar

Per Kesselmar was born in Stockholm, Sweden and continues to live and work in Stockholm. He graduated from Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm in 1990.

In his minimalist art, he aims to reduce the work to what is essential. He has been inspired by Kazimir Malevitj, Mark Rothko, Agnes Martin, Ad Reinhardt as well as the Light and Space movement and Zero Group.

He works with different metals for the contrast to light, invoking material qualities and the flat surface, reaching for the stillness and the meditative, the intensity in the subtle, and the infinite in the inherent light.

His work is in collections at Museum of Modern Art Stockholm, Norrköping Art Museum, Skövde Art Museum, Åbo Art Museum, RIRA Collection Cologne, Sten A Olsson Art Collection Göteborg, Åmells Collections Stockholm, and Lannan Foundation.

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