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Pratap Chatterjee is an investigative reporter, producer, and managing editor of CorpWatch, an organization that investigates and exposes corporate violations of human rights, environmental crimes, and fraud and corruption around the world. His work to support social justice causes over two decades has spanned many causes: from the continuing environmental and human rights tragedy of the Northern California Gold Rush to the occupation of Iraq and the war on terrorism. He is the author of Iraq Inc.: A Profitable Occupation (Seven Stories Press, 2004), Gold, Greed and Genocide: Unmasking the Myth of the 49ers (Project Underground, 1998), and The Earth Brokers: Power, Politics & World Development (Routledge Press, 1994), on the 1992 Rio Earth Summit.

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Pratap Chatterjee awarded 2006 Cultural Freedom Award, (Cultural Freedom: Awards and Grants)

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