Charles Bowden with Avi Lewis

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I have been coming to this city [Ciudad Juárez] for thirteen years, and naturally, I have, like everyone here, an investment in the dead. And the living. Here is a story, and like all stories here, like Miss Sinaloa, it tantalizes and floats in the air, and then vanishes.

- From Murder City

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Charles Bowden read from his work, then joined in conversation with Avi Lewis | Duration: 1:17:52

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Charles Bowden was introduced by Avi Lewis, then read from his work.

Charles Bowden in conversation with Avi Lewis.

photo of Charles Bowden with Avi Lewis
Charles Bowden

Charles Bowden (1945-2014) was the author of scores of books including A Shadow in the City: Confessions of an Undercover Drug Warrior; Down By the River: Drugs, Money, Murder and Family; Juárez: The...

Charles Bowden full bio

photo of Charles Bowden with Avi Lewis
Avi Lewis

Avi Lewis is an award-winning Canadian television journalist and documentary filmmaker. He is well known for his 2004 documentary The Take, a story of hope and resistance in the global economy that...

Avi Lewis full bio

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