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Jean-Luc Mylayne: Millennium Park Pavilion

Art Institute of Chicago, IL


The Art Institute of Chicago received a grant in support of the construction of a pavilion in Millennium Park featuring the work of Jean-Luc Mylayne. Designed by Chicago architects Dan Wheeler and Joy Meek, the building was presented in conjunction with the exhibition Jean-Luc Mylayne: Mutual Regard, on view from May 22 to August 23, 2015. AIC wrote, “Calm and hushed, it is a windowless chapel that offers the miraculous image of a solitary sparrow, apparently perched just above our heads, at the exact corner of a square roof under a brilliant, cloudless sky. The bird is doing something nearly inconceivable: allowing a potential predator to approach from underneath. And visitors have the chance to do something rare enough in our times: transcend our self-imposed barriers to join freely with an Other.” Free and open to the public, the pavilion was on view from May to December 2015.