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UNE and KNOUN by Christine Corday Outdoor Sculpture Installation

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, CA


The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) received a grant for its 2014-2015 exhibition of Christine Corday’s massive outdoor sculptures, UNE and KNOUN. Both sculptures are part of Corday’s Protoist Series, a collection of Forms (Corday chooses to capitalize the word when describing her sculptures) made to weather and change with human interaction.

Corday first presented UNE, a three-ton, 16-foot steel arc, in New York City under the High Line in 2008 so that its encounter, in the words of the artist, would be a “a complete unexpected moment.” KNOUN is a two pillar Form with a base and a height of 13 feet that investigates balance and gravity. The project explores the moment in between sensory perception and definition.