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Gifted Artworks


Artist: On Kawara

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

North, East, South, West, 1967/2002

Artist: Michael Heizer

Medium: Cor-ten steel

Thin Red Line Robert Whitman

Thin Red Line

Artist: Robert Whitman

Spyglass Film Images 1960 76 Robert Whitman

Spyglass (film Images 1960-76)

Artist: Robert Whitman

Mirrors: 96 x96 inches
Screens: 96 x 96 inches
Octagon: 27 feet diameter

Four 16mm film loops transferred to DVD, color, silent
Four projectors, four screens, four mirrors

5 Figures Structure 1987 Lawrence Weiner

5 Figures of Structure, 1987

Artist: Lawrence Weiner

Medium: Script on Wall.

Leaning Mirror Robert Smithson

Leaning Mirror, 1969

Artist: Robert Smithson

Size: 30 x 108 x 144 inches
Medium: Sand and two mirrors

Closed Mirror Square Cayuga Slat Mine Project Robert Smithson

Closed Mirror Square (Cayuga Slat Mine Project), 1969

Artist: Robert Smithson

Size: 24 x 108 x 108 inches overall; glass elements each 36 x 36 inches; mirror elements: I.36 x 36 inches II.-V.12 x 36 inches
Medium: Rock, salt, mirrors & glass

Gravel Mirrors With Cracks And Dust Robert Smithson

Gravel Mirrors with Cracks and Dust, 1968

Artist: Robert Smithson

Size: 36 x 216 x 36 inches overall; 12 mirror elements each 36 x 36 inches
Medium: Gravel, mirror

Map Of Broken Glass Atlantis Robert Smithson

Map of Broken Glass (Atlantis), 1969

Artist: Robert Smithson

Size: 4 x 20 x 16 feet
Medium: Glass

South America Circle Bruce Nauman

South America Circle, 1981

Artist: Bruce Nauman

Size: 168 inch diameter
Medium: Steel, cast iron, cable